Breakfast Menu

Breakfast at April HouseBreakfast at April House is an occasion not to be missed! Usually served from 7.30 – 9.00am but if an earlier start to the day is wanted, I am happy to oblige….within reason. “I was once asked to provide breakfast at 6.15am which I agreed to, only for the ‘gentlemen’ to sleep in……..for an hour and a half!” Needless to say, I wasn’t a happy bunny!

Unlike many other b&bs or guesthouses, you are not asked for your breakfast order the day before……I don’t know what I fancy for breakfast tomorrow morning so I think it unfair to commit our guests to such a decision.

Your order is taken as you are seated in our dining room and cooked to order….if you like your bacon crispy, eggs sunny side up or tomatoes uncooked rather than grilled, you just have to ask. One guest, many years ago wanted his breakfast ‘crozzled’, a culinary term I was not familiar with…but I am now! Everything well done – bacon crispy, egg yolk solid and sausage black!


Orange juice

Help yourself to prunes/grapefruit, fresh fruit salad, yoghurt, dried fruit &nuts and the selection of cereals on display. Porridge is available on request with honey, golden syrup or just as it comes!

Full English Breakfast:- Egg(s), bacon, sausage, mushrooms, fried bread & grilled tomatoes (baked beans if preferred)

Eggs can be fried, poached, scrambled or boiled.

Omelette – plain, tomato, cheese and/or mushroom

Tea, Coffee (instant, decaff. or filter)

Wholemeal or white bread toasted and homemade preserves.

Special diets can be arranged – just ask. If you fancy kippers for breakfast or black pudding with your Full English please ask the day before. Indeed we will cater for any request that we feel is reasonable!