Harrogate Illuminations!

If you’ve never visited Harrogate during the winter months, then you ought to! At night, the trees surrounding the Stray are illuminated with dozens of coloured lights which look fabulous and create a quite magical atmosphere. It’s not Blackpool, but very tasteful! Harrogate really is an oasis and if you haven’t already been then add it to your list of places to visit. If you enjoy eating out, then in Harrogate you are really spoilt for choice. There are dozens of restaurants – Chinese, Turkish, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mexican and there is even an Egyptian.  A visit to Betty’s Tea Rooms is a must! Very popular with the Victorians, Harrogate has some splendid buildings. Treat yourself to a visit to the Turkish Baths or check out the Royal Hall for forthcoming attractions. The surrounding countryside has much to offer so why not spoil yourself and take advantage of our offer of 10% discount for a visit to April House in February – you won’t be disappointed! 

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