National Mining Museum

Before moving to April House some 18 years ago, I worked in the coal mining industry in West Yorkshire for 21 years. Starting as a supply lad at Manor colliery in Wakefield I eventually took early retirement when working as the safety engineer at Kellingley colliery.

The National Mining Museum is a  great visit if you have never been down a coal mine before. Situated on the Wakefield – Huddersfield road, what used to be Caphouse colliery is a 50 minute drive away. The museum on the surface is free of charge and very interesting. There is a small charge for the visit underground which takes about an hour and forty minutes. You will be escorted by a guide (an ex-colliery official) and you will see how coal has been worked over the centuries. From hand-worked using wooden props and bars to modern machinery such as shearers and trepanners. You will also see some of the types of machines used to drive roadways, such as dintheaders and roadheaders.

I highly recommend this visit and I will be delighted to answer any questions that you might have and regale you with some of my experiences in the industry.

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